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We have had a few inquiries about why we don’t advertise or list the services of individual

providers on our site.

We agonized over this decision. There were so many factors we had to base our

decision on.

Firstly, our main aim is to create a classy website. We did initially create a few

profiles with listed services, and after studying the page in detail, we felt it

wasn’t what we wanted to represent overall.

Most of the ladies we have listed on our website have individual websites, and

some do list services they cater for, others, due to legal reasons of where they

operate from cannot list them, others, choose not to list them and respond to

private individual inquiry on service.

It is a personal decision, and everyone will have an opinion on this topic.

Sometimes, being the nature of a personal service, ladies will cater for a service

today, but not tomorrow. By listing their services online, they are forced to

provide those services for every client, but things don’t work that way always in

the real world.

They may provide a different service for a long standing client, and not the

same service for a new client. Its just the reality.

Some of you have been spoilt by having all the info for convenience listed on a

website and seem to think that sending an email with an inquiry on services may

offend. I can assure you, as a WL myself, it is not offensive if the email is polite.

Ladies are never rude or dismissive if you send a polite email with your request.

Also keep in mind, there are just as many clients who do not wish to see the

services of a lady provided online, especially if it’s a service they don’t want. At

times, it can even put them off from seeing a lady they would have seen


There is a lot to be said for a little mystery. Making initial contact with a lady to

inquire about her service is a great reason to contact her. It’s a great opportunity to

build a rapport with the lady before a potential booking.

There are just as many websites today that list the ladies services. We are just

not one of them as we prefer to work with the standard of European high class

ladies who do not list their services on line.

We welcome feedback always on this topic, and we hope it has answered some of

your questions.

Brooklyn x