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Miranda Depaula denies GGC career is plans to ‘put the house on fire’

Former Racing Post columnist, Celebrity Day Trader contestant and ‘Pillow Talk’ author Miranda Depaula was reported as tipping her GGC career to ‘put the house on fire’ in a potential confession on Monday.

She has also not denied accusations that she is paying a London prostitute to bed her girlfriends, but she has rubbished rumours that she is ‘all about your boobs and Simon Browell’.

Ms Depaula, 46, told The Daily Chatterbox she paid a ‘free-flowing’ woman to bed her girlfriends, but vehemently denied reports that she paid a prostitute to have sex with her.

‘I’m not a snooze queen and I’m not a bit of a slag. People do say that, but I never condone snoozing, as people say.

‘I don’t even know this girl, and I don’t know where it’s come from, and it’s just ludicrous,’ she said.

‘But I want to clear up one thing: I’m not paying a prostitute to bed my girlfriends. That’s all there is to it.

‘I was asked about this in March by Jason Walters, the journalist from the Daily Wretch,’ she said.

‘He made a broad-brush generalisation about sleeping with a prostitute to put the house on fire.

‘But the whole story is so far removed from that, I wouldn’t want to have gone into it.

‘But this came up in discussion while I was on Desert Island MP3’s. It was honestly not a headline I’d wanted to comment on.

‘People also say I’m a ridiculous hypocrite because I’m apparently claiming to be nice and kind.’

She said last night: ‘I’m absolutely not sleeping with a prostitute to put the house on fire.

‘That’s so nuts.

‘One of the things I love about the experience of having sex is that it is just, as they say, naughty.

‘I want that for my friends.

‘I’m simply saying that when I am with them I am rather enjoying how risqué, how jaunty, how queer they make me feel, and it’s the polar opposite of anything you can get from anything I’ve seen on the telly or on the internet, where basically, sex is just for people to do.’