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Ok, so I have been a bit stumped on my next entry for the blog, maybe I have had too much on my plate, but then it dawned on me. “ The penis profile pic” One of my pet hates of social media.

Why do so many men decide to put a picture of their penis on their profile? Is there an unwritten rule to “dicks” out there that they need to prove stupidity on all levels imaginable? Your profile picture actually tells us that you are indeed a dick! It’s not attractive, it’s not going to make us like you instantly, it just turns us completely off. Don’t men actually understand that? Or are you trying to tell us that your most redeeming quality/feature is your penis, and if we actually saw your face, we would be horrified, so best you put a picture up of your flaccid, or erect penis for the whole world to see. Yes, that’s a better alternative than your face. Really?

I was looking at some profiles with penis pictures {interesting how many want to follow escort related websites, wonder why that is? lol) and what struck me as a fun thing to do is dress them up for us! Come on, if you want to entertain us with such a god given gift (in your fantasy world maybe) let’s play dress ups! That would be more entertaining for sure. You can use props, earrings, lipstick or a bit of eye shadow perhaps?? Get creative! Anything please, just entertain us with something other than your boring penis picture. If you can’t think of anything imaginative at least stick it next to a ruler.

On a serious note, we hate your penis profiles. Please stop posting them. They are ugly and offensive. At best, laughable. And we are laughing at your expense on that one. We would rather you have no profile picture at all then to constantly see your penis popping up when we are having our morning coffee.

Peace and love to all!

Brooklyn Harper