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A thank you and reflection as the New Year approaches.

Well everyone, it has certainly been an exciting year for us here at

We have been excited to launch our “ baby” and even more excited by the

challenge of growing it and steering it in the right direction in 2015 and beyond.

We hope that the launch is just the beginning, and we hope to be a stellar

presence in the adult industry for many years to come.

Although we are in the “ infancy” stage, we are exited by every step we take. And

a tough road we have ahead of us.

We are just one of millions of websites in the adult industry, and hence our

mission is more exciting and challenging to bring it to where we hope to one day


It will not be an overnight success as nothing worth having is ever achieved

easily and without its challenges.

We would like to “thank you” to the ladies that have supported us at this early

stage. Having your support from the “ ground up” is heartwarming and your

support is very much appreciated.

To the gentlemen that have already shown their support, your “ word of mouth”

recommendations have been invaluable and duly noted.

Thank you.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Xmas and a Happy New Year and that

you all stay safe and spend it with your loved ones…and have lots of

chocolate…and champagne..

Brooklyn x